Hunter TR 12 gepanzert
armored bulletproof B6/7

Tactical offroad car 4 x 4 | brandnew
available in 3 month from order day
Diesel 221 kW (300 PS) | Automatic

The crew 12 seats compartment is composed by a mono-hull mounted on an independent chassis. The Hunter TR-12 offers superior protection against guns and rifles, making it ideal for high-risk areas prone to clashes and ambushes. The armor of the Hunter TR-12 provides a protection level B6 (Standard EN 1063). All de windows give the same level of protection. Each side of the hull is equipped with two small armoured windows and firing ports. Two doors are mounted at the front of each side of the crew compartment with small window and firing port.

The Hunter TR-12 uses a 4x4 off-road chassis. With 4x4 wheel drive action, it is possible for the vehicle to reach remote, difficult-to-access places. The Hunter TR-12 is motorized with a 6,700 cc V8 Turbo Diesel engine coupled to an automatic transmission with 6 speeds and 1 reverse.

A spare wheel is fitted at the rear of the vehicle. In standard the Hunter TR-12 is equipped with dual air conditioning, radio am/FM/CD, searching lights and thermal camera. Blackout lights, snorkel and front winch are available in option.

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