Toyota LC 200 5,7 VXR armored
gepanzert bulletproof B7

SUV 4 x 4 brandnew
petrol |280 kW / 381 HP | Automatic

7 seats version

Please note, that the offered version VXR (in Europe Executive) is the fully loaded version with all possible options !
Basiccar is from stock, never used, fully loaded interior
B7  norm EN 1063,

Protection parts:
Floor: protected against granates DM 51 and fragmentation of landmines.
Windows: ca. 60 mm
Sunroof: closed with blended glass like the windows
Intercommuication device: to communicate with outside in case of emergency
There are also flash-lamps in the front and rear.
Run flat system of the tires, they do run up to 30 km/h, if they are broken.

The time of blending will need about 7-8 weeks.

Engine: 5.7L V8 DOHC 32V w/Dual VVT-i
Transmission: 6-Spd Sequential Shift Auto (ECT-i)
3.909  mm wheelbase
Tires: P285/60R18
Wheels: 18“ x 8J 5-Spoke High-Gloss Alloy, runflat-system
Whole weight: 4.600 kg

Land Cruiser
PDF (23 pages)

Land Cruiser
PDF (13 pages)

Toyota armored gepanzert
armored SUVs for sale

Toyota armored gepanzert armored SUVs for-sale
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Toyota LC 200 5,7 VXR armored
gepanzert bulletproof B7, SUV 4 x 4 brandnew
petrol, 280 kW / 381 HP, Automatic

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